The moving process

We’ve moved – YAY! Or is it?

I love to visit other people’s houses. I feel like you can truly see how a person is for the way their house is planned – or not planned at all. Little trinkets, pictures on the walls and the colour of the duvet covers – I appreciate every single corner.

Moving to me is an interesting process – I adore changes and organising – so you’d think that I would love to move. Truth is that I can get quite anxious when the house isn’t exactly the way I would like it to be.

This is the first time that we’ve moved to a completely unfurnished house. We had a furnished flat in Marylebone – London and then moved to a small (really) old vine cottage in Cuddesdon, Oxford – It’s a tiny Village in Oxford where it’s as easy to miss it’s entrance than it is to find it by mistake. There lays one of the Oxford University Theological Colleges  where my husband studied for his Masters’ Degree. That cottage came partially furnished.

This new house isn’t too far so I was still able to keep my job in Finance as I’m currently working for the government. We’ve spent more money than we could to furnish it and we are still far behind all the storage shenanigans so we can easily find shoes hanging around or some cabinet door that accidentally opened for being too full.


It doesn’t seem to bother my husband though, he’s okay with jumping an old guitar case to go to the bathroom at 3am.

Having said that, I am happy with the space we have. It’s a two bedroom flat that we’ve turned into a 1 bedroom flat to make one of the rooms as a dining room. For a couple – that’s perfect. Unfortunately it is a rent accommodation – fortunately we believe that our next move will be to our own house (mortgaged, of course).

These pictures are from some parts of our house that I love and some that need addressing as soon as possible like the books – we’re in desperately need of a bookshelf! We’re getting there, I tell myself, we’re getting there.


The truth is though, starting from the bottom – the very bottom – makes us value every single thing we improve. You’ll probably going to hear me talking about my centre table or the dining one, my pride and joy – a claimed wood surface that I bought from a local artist. Her work is beautiful and this was the only a gift to myself so all the other things were purchased second hand.

My plan is to get a new bookshelf, a shoe rack and then start buying plants. Specially a Swiss cheese plant for my dining room! These will have to wait a bit though – I promise I will be patient.

How does your house look like? Are you still trying to figure it out? How do you make a house feel like a home?




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