Avebury Sunday!

I’ve put my brand new yellow jacket on, got our gloves/scarves out of the “winter storage box” and braved the cold to go to the Neolitic Hange in Avebury, Southwest England. I can’t complain much as the sun was out pretty much the whole day so it would help to unfreeze my nose everytime I wasn’t under a shadow.


We’ve arrived there a bit before midday and saw a lot of dogs playing around, which made me like the place even more. The parking is really cheap (it cost us £4 for the whole day) and the place is really close to the Henge circle – the prime reason for us to visit this Prehistoric site.


The largest megalithic stone circle in the world is impressive when you start thinking to yourself how on earth they were able to move those huge rocks together at that time.

I find it extremely interesting to be where thousands of people were through the centuries. What were they doing there? How was that space used?

We don’t have children but I would definetely recommend it for people who are lloking for an outdoor space to spend the day. They don’t have playgrounds but I’ve seen several children playing together with sticks and jumping benches.

I didn’t get to experience their big cafe as it was closed for repairs – but I couldn’t lose the chance to try their scones! The atmosphere of the whole place is like sitting on your sofa with a blanket and a hot drink on a cold day. Things there are rustic and homemade – I wasn’t let down.

The prices are above avarage but it’s understandable when it’s used for keeping the place going. We paid £2.30 for a tall filtered coffee and £5.50 for a cream tea and a scone with jam and clotted cream. I won’t even get into the discussion about which one goes first but you can see how I do it in the picture (sorry Devon!).


They also have a couple of little shops with local products that help to improve the experience when visiting the place – so much to choose from!

So if you are around Wiltshire and want to have an enjoyable outdoor experience, Avebury is surely the place to go.

Spending Sunday out in nature helps me to prepare myself for a whole week working in an office.


What do you normally do on Sundays? Do you like to get out of the house or do you prefer to stay in and rest?


Have you ever been to Avebury?



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