Favourite products this winter!

I know that winter is around the corner when I start having less pictures out in the open as we tend to have cozier weekends at home. My husband is used to go out on the most adverse weather and he strongly believes that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” – easy for him to say when he’s spent his whole life on the North Pole while I was swimming on lakes in the middle of the Brazilian winter.

He is right though, I am doing my best to buy clothes by their warmth and not their beauty as I plan on spending more time outside this winter – specially when we go on our road trip from the UK to the north of Sweden this Christmas. 

For now, I do want to share some of the best products I’ve used this Autumn as the season’s dry weather tends to make my skin and hair completely dry – this being after a long time of me trying new products that didn’t really work and finally finding something that I love. Every product with an * will have a link by the end of this post.

The truth is: I have a mixed skin and hair, meaning that it’s not oily nor dry, I’m right in the middle where products for either won’t work for me. If I use something for oily skin, my skin gets extremely oily– the same happens when I use dry skin products (I tend to look like Spongebob Squarepants when he visits Sandy). I also have a long, dark, thick hair that is straight on the roots (that tend to get oily) and curly on the tips (that tend to get dry).  

The first product that I tried is called Maui*, it’s an extremely good conditioner that I’ve started using around a month ago. They have a lot of smells but all of them are nourishing and treat damaged hair. So far I’ve tried these two combinations: Agave and Coconut milk – I just can’t decide which one I liked better. Both of them made my hair silky, shiny and smell good all day long. I do have to say that I always tend to go for the coconut one, I just love how sweet yet fresh coconut based products smell.

The second point that made me love the product is that the bottle is easy to open so you can use all the product that is inside – nothing is lost. I have just ordered their hair mask which I will review as soon as I’ve used it for a couple of weeks. 

Jumping to skin care, I have combined three products for the last month: Let the Good Times Roll, Imperials from Lush and Olay’s night routine moisturizer. 

Let the Good Times Roll* is a popcorn face scrub that I use around 2 times a week. The base for this product is quite oily so I try not to use it too often. This is the first facial product that helped me to get rid of those tiny loose dry skin that appear when we switch the heaters on at home while it rains outside in Autumn.


Imperials* is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. It is extremely nourishing but it doesn’t make my skin oily so I use it every single morning. This is not the cheapest product from Lush as I’ve paid £16.95 for the smallest pot, but having said that it lasts for ages and unless you’re sharing it with someone, you probably wouldn’t be able to finish it by the best before date.


Lush products have a short life as they are natural and vegan – I’d take it any day if it meant no harsh products on my face. They are also cruelty free. All their pots are recycled and you get a free mask if you give them 5 empty ones back. I’m about to get mine! 

I used to work for P&G before moving to the UK and I’ve always loved Olay products. This is my night time routine moisturizer and like the Lush one, it doesn’t make my skin oily but it still feels soft and moisturized after a hot shower. It is also anti-age but I’ll only be able to review that part 30 years from now.


Shifting from skin care to house items, I am completely in love with my throw basket’s colour and pattern and I believe it goes well with a lot of styles as it looks really natural – that is the kind of look that I intend to achieve when decorating my house (there’s a lot to do still, but this is a good start!). I’ve decided to share this item as it can be used to store so many things! – Perfect to have in any corner. Unfortunately TKMAXX is out of stock but you can find several different woven baskets on their site.


Last but not least, my warm water bag. I wanted something to keep me warm at the office during the day, but I didn’t want it to be too big. This Jordan and Judy silicone water bag is the perfect size to carry with you wherever you go. They have it in different colours and two sizes. I have been using mine for the past month and got plenty of comments about how cute it looks.


 Do you have any products your family can’t live without on colder seasons?


*Maui Moisture Conditioner – https://amzn.to/2QwllQB
*Let the Good Times Roll – https://bit.ly/2zRmXO3
*Imperials – https://bit.ly/2xjOyoP
*Olay Regenerist Night – https://amzn.to/2qEqA5J
*Jordan and Judy warm water bag – https://amzn.to/2DbaM1H


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