A (colder) winter is coming!

I haven’t been a good blogger in the last couple of weeks but this time I do have good reasons for that. 

First is the fact that I haven’t been around my camera lately – I have taken for granted how dark it gets at 4pm when it’s Winter and still have to learn how to take good pictures with flash. As I work full time during the weekdays it means that it’s dark both when I leave home and when I get back. This limits my blogging times to the grey weekends when I’m not always home. 

Second is that my computer died, just like that, gone. It’s been acting weird for a while closing random tabs and giving me the blue screen here and there but because it’s around 8 years old, there was not much that could be done. It has served its purpose and will soon be replaced – I’m just not sure how soon – which brings me to the third reason I haven’t posted much here. I have been preparing some big news to share by the end of January and this requires a bit of patience, organisation and time. This might change a bit the way I blog and will surely give me plenty of topics to post about – I am excited. 

For now I’m using my husband’s computer which is rarely available for me to sit and write/ edit pictures for hours so I’m trying to make it work in the meantime. 

Our Road Trip date is getting closer and closer and I do have to start thinking about the kind of snacks we will be bringing with us – there might be a post about “what to bring” or “what not to bring” following the trip depending on our experience with our snack choices. I hoped to find some tips online but most of them tell you to bring nuts and/or fruit – but what about long Road Trips like ours? We need more than 5 nuts and an apple to keep us going.

I’ve also bought some beanies/mittens on my favourite store: Fat Face. Kevin thinks the name of this store is hilarious but I swear I love every single piece of clothing they have. 


Presents have all been sorted out and prayers that I haven’t forgotten anyone have started. Is it just me or wrapping presents properly is extremely hard? My paper is too thick and my tape doesn’t stick as good as it should – sometimes I just think I am a big part of the problem. I have started and given up wrapping presents twice by now, but it has to be done so I’m sure it’s a task for this week. Maybe I’ll buy thinner paper next year, a new tape and hopefully less round/ weirdly shaped presents. I think I am just too used to my mom being such a good wrapper and always having the right kind of paper available and now I just have to learn it by myself. 

This year we don’t have a tree which made some people at my work really worried about me (they are really festive and would dress up as Father Christmas to go to work if they could) but we won’t spend the holidays at home this year and we have 0 storage for it afterwards – having said that I do love Christmas and plan on having a tree next year in hopes we will have moved from where we are now and will have plenty of storage available for our colourful baubles. 

Do you have any plans for the holidays? If you’re travelling or preparing your blanket and spicy tea to sit inside, I hope you have a calm, peaceful and full of fairy lights Christmas! 





2 thoughts on “A (colder) winter is coming!

  1. Hi there, Merry Christmas to you:) we don´t have tree at our place either as we do not have much space, but I do have Christmas candles tree 2x (for substitute, ha..ha..).
    Enjoy your trip to Swden


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