Ice cream and sunkissed skin

As Easter approached England, the weather decided to rise sky high (for this part of the world at least). We woke up on good Friday to 22 Celsius and quickly opened all the windows in the house, making plans to leave as soon as possible while we rushed to put our clothes on.
One thing I’ve learned in these almost-three-years living here is that I cannot take a good weather for granted. The thought of ‘the weather is so good, I’ll plan something for tomorrow‘ doesn’t work here. If it’s sunny outside, you constantly need to have your backpack with some snacks ready for the go.

We wanted to go for a walk on a lovely park we have here, but for some reason the access is controlled and it was closed very early – so we decided to go for ice cream instead. After reading a post on ‘My Little Wildlings’ blog where they try to find the best Ice Cream in Edimburgh, I (very pregnant) set a goal to find a good ice cream place here in Wiltshire. Couldn’t think of a best day to do so.

We didn’t go too far but we found a lovely family home made ice cream place smack in the middle of the town, and let me tell you: It is amazing! Kevin is more of a soft served ice cream person but he even assumed that this ones were better. I went for white chocolate and salted caramel (always!) and Kevin got choc chip cookie dough and peanut butter. It was bittersweet as we used to do that all the time at the beach in Brazil, feeling the sun in our skin and the salt wind blowing our hair. I enjoyed more than I thought I would and we sat there for an hour just speaking about life.

After that we went for a stroll in town, we didn’t get anything, just felt like not being inside. We’ve been inside for too long.

We are at a point where we have done everything we needed to do and are just waiting for answers. I hate being like this because I am more of a ‘let’s do everything and get done with it’ kind of person. Sometimes answers take a bit longer to come and all you can do is wait. We seem to be on the final steps of buying the house but still, all we do is provide tons and tons of documents (several of them more than once) to different people that charge us different kinds of prices for different kinds of services. I am trying to keep organised in all of that but sometimes I feel a bit anxious about it. Being at home just makes it worse, I keep thinking about it and can’t focus on anything else – so needless to say a day out put my mood up very quickly.

The baby is very happy and healthy and I should write a pregnancy update and gender reveal soon, so I’ll spare the details for that one.

Today is Saturday and I am not sure what we are going to do – Kevin woke up to go to the break fluid service for the car and after he comes home we will decide what we’re up to. For now I am enjoying the sun on my walls and the lovely flower we picked on the street a couple of days ago.


  • Nadine

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