Planning our next trip

After the lovely weather we had on Easter here in England, Kevin and I have been eager to get some time off work to travel somewhere. The situation isn’t the best as, again, we’re on the process of buying a house by ourselves that needs a lot of DYI (I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about this but our lives have been revolving around this matter for the past 4 months so it will pop up again every time I talk about our plans). Plus the fact that I will be 7 months pregnant soon and it’s a bit tricky to fly after that.

I am a person who likes stability, I like knowing that things are going to go right and that I am prepared for every mishap that might happen along the way but I also caught myself thinking that we should go on what people call ‘babymoon’ and enjoy travelling just the two of us for the last time in at least a handful of years. So I allowed myself to be a bit reckless – which I very rarely am – and decided that yes, we will travel somewhere soon to enjoy the sun and slow down a bit before baby gets here.

Apart from all our plans on travelling to Sweden and Brazil to see family next year, we needed something cheaper so we’ve decided to go somewhere in Europe. I will keep the place we’re going to as a secret for now but will share with you in the meantime. We’ve been to this country before but never to the South, only the North. We loved it so much that we have been speaking about going back to explore more of it ever since! It is a beautiful and laid back place, and we will mostly lay under the sun and have some ice creams in town.

I feel a bit anxious about it sometimes as I know there are still a lot of things that we need to get for the baby, but I do believe that having some time for ourselves and relaxing under the sun is also something I’m doing for the baby. The rush from working and dealing with paperwork have left us a little time to stop, breath and enjoy the fact that this is our first child and that everything in pregnancy is new for us. Time is going very quick and because I do enjoy being pregnant, I am sure that I will miss this period and regret if I don’t enjoy it as much as I should. Kevin is an awful photographer but I do hope to get some nice belly shots whilst we’re there, wish me luck.


Do you plan on travelling anywhere this summer?

I like to see how people in Europe enjoy this time of the year – it’s when the offices are empty and families are out on the streets to get as much sun as they can. One of our number one destinations would be Greece or Malaysia but for now we needed something a bit closer and less expensive. Do you have a dream destination or a place/country you would like to go back to? I would love to hear stories and I might plan on going there too!

I hope that we continue to travel a lot when baby girl comes along. I want to go around and show her the world, visiting new places and meeting new people. We hear a lot of stories of how you pretty much stop your life when you have a child but I pray we are wise enough to plan the time we have off to do what we love as a family. We’re very good planners, Kevin and I, and I am sure we will come up with a schedule where all of our vacations meet and we can make some amazing new memories.

I am planning on posting about my tricks on buying baby clothes on a budget and to make a post all about me. I have never properly introduced myself on this blog and feel like it’s always nice to know a bit more about the person behind the keyboard – I love reading the same blogs over and over and end up relating to the writer most of the time thinking ‘I wish we could meet up for a tea and scones’. I’ve always done that with bloggers who had children and now I can relate to them even more.

If there’s something you would like to know about me or me to write about, I’d love to hear it.


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