Who am I?

I am a person who have my own little list of blogs that I constantly check for new updates – I get myself wishing that they would post more often but it seems like bloggers like to take a little longer to write a good text or take good pictures.

I normally get myself thinking that I would love to meet up with the writers to know more about them, what they do, about their families and pets just so I’m caught up with all the updates. Maybe it’s because I’ve always had such good friendships with people that had blogs that I tend to think that it would be like that with everyone else. But anyway, all this explanation to say that I’ve decided to make a post about me – it’s very rare that I speak about myself but it does help people to put a face on who’s behind the keyboard.

So without any further delay, here’s a list of things about me:

My name is Nadine Andersson. My last name is Swedish because I had it changed when I got married.

Speaking about marriage, I have been married since 25/06/2016.

My birth date is 19/01/1991.

My place of birth is Sao Paulo/ Brazil.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Business focused in Economics and have always worked in finance since my first internship.

I love animals. From a cute dog to spiders, lizards, frogs and snakes. My heart has a space for any kind of animal that exists on Planet Earth. I don’t have any pets though because we travel a lot (having said that I’m crazy to get a dog and wouldn’t think twice if I got the opportunity to get one – I probably should but wouldn’t).

I’m awful keeping up with trends and tend to like old music – I’m that boring. I believe my current favourite one is Fly Me To The Moon from Frank Sinatra.

My favourite drink has to be fresh watermelon juice or iced tea.

I drink coffee without sugar but never without milk.

I’ve played volleyball since I can remember and only stopped training because I moved to the UK and didn’t have any teams near me to join in.

I am also very tall compared to anyone else. I’m 1,74 – a bit more than 5’7”.

I like to think I’m very creative but even more perfectionist. I have cool ideas that I get pumped about working on and surely later I end up thinking it’s not good enough and leaving it aside.

I have lived in the UK for almost 3 years but haven’t gotten my head around measuring things in stones, pounds and foot. Whenever it comes up, it reminds me that I need to learn it.

I was born and raised in Brazil but my family is from Portugal so I got my dual citizenship around 6 years ago. My husband is Swedish and we’re currently living in England where we plan on staying at least for the foreseeable future.

I am pregnant with my first baby which is a girl! We’re in this crazy point of our lives where everything happens: Moving on our jobs, buying a house and having a baby. Every day feels like a marathon.

My husband has trained for ordained ministry in the Church of England and for a year we lived in church-owned houses. It was quite an odd experience but it brought me to Oxford which has been my favourite city to live in ever since.

We love to travel and do so at least once or twice a year – to visit new places and to see family again. We love going to Sweden and Brazil and can’t wait to bring our little girl to these two opposite corners of the world.

I love interior design even though I’ve never studied it.

Reading and writing are two passions of mine and you can find me writing when I have any thoughts I would like to keep. My notebook is mostly filled with messages for my husband and baby, feelings and pressed flowers.

I’m a very careful person, I don’t really like having surprises along the way. My husband is the opposite and I feel that one day I’ll die of a heart attack. He has taken me to snowmobile rides, boat rides and Indian reserves. I try to follow him because I (almost) always love the experience but it does take a lot of my energy to do so.

I think board games are boring but I do like card games.

I’ve never broken any bones but I did break my two front permanent teeth so they are now fake.

I don’t like accumulating anything so I only own what I wear. I don’t have many clothes, furniture or trinkets at home. My husband has a lot of books which I’m okay with but other than that it gets sold or donated. I plan on doing the same to our baby – we will get just enough clothes and toys and not exceed what we really need. I reckon it’s easier to do this when we live far from family.

I’m calm. To be honest I might be the calmest person I know apart from my mom. I’m always the person who takes a deep breath and thinks straight.

I care for people I love. I feel good helping and speaking to them. I love taking care of my home and my family and take great pride in it. I just feel realised when I do so.

I think that’s most of the traits I would like to share about me – there are thousands of other things but now you can start painting an image. I would love to hear more about people that read the blog but never comment or people who have a blog that I don’t know about. Please comment your blog name below and I will check it out.






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