Taking things lightly + house update

After five months of dealing with Mortgage Advisors, State Agents and Solicitors I come here to say that we have…NOT bought a house ☹

Yes, exactly what you’ve just read.

We have decided to pull out after some research about the house – it was just not exactly what we needed right now and we were not going to gamble having to spend more money on it than we should (or could). This made me quite upset about the fact that we were not getting a bigger house and that we won’t have a garden but I am trying to look at things positively.

We don’t plan on moving to a bigger rental property as we still want to keep saving to get a house when something nice appears so we are now trying to shift everything around the house to fit a nursery in between. When we got in this house we made the living room a dining room and one of the bedrooms as a living room. It worked wonders for only the two of us but the idea of having a little nursery to our baby makes my heart happy. I am willing to give our dining room up for her to have her little space as well.

To be honest, as minimalists, we don’t have much to worry about as it’s not going to be difficult to shift things around apart from our big three seater sofa and our big dining room table (which will surely have to be stored after being substituted for a smaller/ probably foldable one). I have visualized what has to be done, put it to paper (I can’t draw at all) and we will hopefully work on it the next few weekends so I can start decorating.

Another good thing about not buying a house right now is the fact that I can consider spending a few bucks on decoration – something we have not done since we have moved to the UK 3 years ago. We just kept moving and saving to buy a house but as it will probably take a while and we’re both working I think it’s worth it to try and make this house feel more like home. We will probably stay here for the next few years anyway. I have my eyes on a wall rug for the nursery that costs way more than I’d like to pay for it so I’m trying to go slow and think properly about the theme I want to go with – otherwise I will end up with different things that don’t really go with each other.

I am committed to buy less things but spend more on what I want. I have been trying to purchase as much as I can from local artists and on Etsy – they have so many unique and sweet stuff that are not mass produced and have such good quality. I will write a post about the handmade things I have gotten along the way in case people feel inspired to do the same. Having said that we’ve gotten a lot second hand things as well. Good things, things that were worn once and/or are in very good condition – we have been making the most of our money specially because there are so many ‘trendy’ things out there that cost way too much for what it’s worth and the price is clearly only that high due to demand.

I’m trying to be intelligent and not fall into these traps where I think ‘I’ll get this because everybody uses it’ – nope – we’re going the opposite way and I’m happy about that. We’ve always been old fashioned anyways.

So those are some unexpected news when I was ready to write a post about buying a house in England. Plans change, they have changed a lot in the last 6 months and they will keep changing – it’s tiring and sad and exciting. I’m trying to deal with it in the best way possible and I am not finding it too difficult knowing that in two weeks I will be on an airplane flying somewhere warm. I’ll keep you posted.

If you had to downsize your home to accommodate something else, please share your experience with me. Which tricks did you use to make it feel like home?


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