Babymoon in Algarve

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Mostly because we were shifting our entire house to accommodate a nursery and planning for our two week trip to the Algarve. I am happy to be back but also missing the daily sunshine we had there.

It began with us taking a trip to the airport, which to me is always the worst part of travelling. The bus was on time but kept stopping for long periods of time for people to hop on so we ended up taking longer to get there – luckily we had some spare time in case we needed it.

The flight was very smooth and we ended up getting to our Airbnb a bit after midnight. We will always choose this kind of accommodation over Hostels/Hotels. You can travel lightly and wash your clothes as you go – we had two weeks off and only brought a carry on. If I washed our clothes at night they would be perfectly dry in the morning. The house was also very big with a lovely balcony outside our room (where we enjoyed sitting in the evening whilst drinking coffee) and we were right next to the train station. We just find the Airbnb life calmer and the prices are worth it. We ate out some days and cooked our own meals on the others – this was a nice balance so we could enjoy ourselves more when eating out and making sure we would still eat healthy most of the time.

I can easily say that we LOVED the Algarve. After going to the north of Portugal a couple of years ago, we promised we would go back to see the south and we were not disappointed. The beaches are beautiful, clean, safe and child friendly – we spotted so many dogs around running and playing – it was lovely. The weather was between 23-27ºC all day so we had plenty of time to enjoy everything they had to offer.

One of the days we decided to go to Spain through a little strip of water that separate both countries. We paid €1.80 to cross and eat a really good Spanish meal and a big ice cream cone on the other side. When going to Portugal/Spain you can expect a lot of seafood options – you will have fewer choices if you don’t like it but as long as you go out to eat on the right times, you should be fine getting something else other than Cattlefish or Octupus salad.

I say that because they do take siesta seriously. Restaurants open from 12pm to 2pm and from 6pm to 9pm. Some of them will stay open during the day serving small portions of seafood but most will close the doors and make the whole street look like an abandoned place. Some small shops will do the same and small business will completely close some odd days like Wednesday or Thursday. We are not sure this is something that only happens on the coast (I don’t think we’ve experienced it on the North) so if someone knows the reason for things to open/close on odd days/times please let me know.

Travelling with your family is the best thing you can do. I felt like Kevin and I reconnected. We were both so happy and relaxed all the time, we’ve spoken about everything we were thinking including our future, which to be honest has taken quite a huge turn after we started considering our options. Our lives might change drastically in the next 6 months and it’s not only the arrival of our little baby – who knows, we’re still deciding what’s best for our little family and I will make sure to share it here once we decide.

Until then, we’re back at work and organising everything and giving the last touches to receive our baby. It feels bittersweet coming home from Holidays but we are excited for everything that is about to come. I might make a ‘nursery update’ as soon as things are up on the walls. For now I am trying to get back to routine and rest a bit (can’t hide the fact that I am 32 weeks pregnant).


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