Pregnancy update


Something that I wondered for a while in the past if I would ever experience and if I ever did, how it would be. I’ve had problems with polycystic ovaries when I was a teenager and did treat it so the cysts would disappear, but I was always told by the doctors that I would have problems getting pregnant in the future – I do wish that the doctors I went to weren’t so close minded and could also let me know that there was a possibility I would not have any problem, but this is a subject for another post. Nonetheless, I always believed that I would not get pregnant – at least not after going through a lot of hassle with medications and doctor’s visits.

You can imagine my surprise when I found out that I actually got pregnant on the first week I stopped taking my pills. It – was – a – shock. I took the pregnancy test just because my period was late by 2 days but seriously thought it would be negative and here we are 6 months later taking a trip to the loo every 15 minutes.

It took a long time for me to show. To be honest I am 33 weeks pregnant and people started noticing it around my 30th week – it was good and bad because I wanted so much to have a bump to show but at the same time I could wear my pre-pregnancy clothes up until 28 weeks so I can’t complain about that.

I wish I had written more updates about this pregnancy but I really have had 0 side effects related to it. Apart from gaining some weight and seeing my belly grow, everything was as normal as ever. Even now I feel like I don’t have much to share about it and that I’ve had it much easier than every other women.

The only two things that I have been feeling these past weeks are a bit of pain on my hips as my body prepares for labour and tiredness. I am still working full time until the end of July and I can feel that I am more tired than normal in the afternoons but I’ve been able to deal with it pretty well – with a bit of coffee here and there. My feet are not swollen yet so I’m thankful for that as summer has arrived here in England (even though it took forever) and some of my co-workers who are also pregnant have been suffering with it. I have no back pains, my skin hasn’t changed at all, my hair is the same as it was before my pregnancy and overall I haven’t changed my lifestyle. Kevin and I walked a lot while we were in Portugal and I felt good (drinking lots and lots of water), I didn’t feel that the pregnancy put me off from walking, going on boats or enjoying the whole day out.

I had it easy and still do. I am constantly waiting for the ‘hard’ part of pregnancy to start but even though it does, I still feel like I had it easy up until the end. It’s also helped me to be calm about my labour as I believe that if my body took the ‘hit’ of pregnancy that easy I will probably have a quick and uncomplicated labour – I know that it’s not for sure but just the fact that I am at ease with the idea of labour might help with all the craziness on the day our baby arrives. I feel lucky, thankful and that I love my body more than I did before.

I can feel baby S. movements all around now. She also moves all the time, there’s not an hour that I don’t feel a little kick or her head forcing it’s way down. She does force her head down a lot, if I wasn’t carrying her high I would wonder if she was trying to induce labour haha she has been head down for the past 5 weeks but she is not engaged yet. I do plan on going full term with her specially with all the changes that we’re about to go through in July so fingers crossed!

My husband has been more and more involved with the pregnancy now at the end, he speaks and plays with the belly and helps me so much more. They say that the partner’s hormones also change when the other partner is expecting a baby and this is so very true – Kevin has been completely devoted to our family lately and I am so thankful for him as my hormones are starting to get harder to deal with and I tend to cry for everything. He has been great for us and I am sure he will be a very good father to our little girl, I can’t wait to see their relationship with each other bloom.

I have a midwife appointment in less than a week and then a scan mid-July – the scans are less exciting now as you can barely see the entire baby. It’s often just a femur, her belly or her head – as she’s getting big (almost exactly the size she will be at birth minus some lbs.) you can’t really make up what’s being shown on the screen unless it’s very clear. The midwife seems to be able to see everything perfectly, so as long as she’s happy with it, I’m happy with it.

So here’s one of my last (if not the last) pregnancy update, which is more of me mumbling than actually pointing out symptoms. I am in peace and excited most of the time even though I am a bit scared of the unknown – but we will do it together, as a family, and this makes me calm. There’s nothing we can’t conquer and we’re going for the best of it.

I could possibly make a post about my favourite outfits that I got her as I will have to go through most of her clothes this month so I will think about it – there are so many cute things available nowadays!

Hope you are all enjoying summer!




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