13th of August, 2019

I always joked about the fact that I am a really organised/punctual person and that if my daughter was to be like me, she would arrive exactly on your due date. She made sure to be included between the 3-5% of babies that are born on the exact date given by the doctor.

It took me long to come here and write about my delivery as a lot has happened in the past month our baby arrived. Even though some things are not exactly the way we want them to be right now, it’s nothing related to our little Sophia.

On the 12th of August around 4pm, my husband and I decided that we wanted this baby out so we went outside to play Kubb – This is a Swedish game where you have to knock wooden blocks over by throwing wooden batons at them. The actual game isn’t that tiring but you do have to squat a lot to put the blocks back up. We had finished our third round when I startd feeling very unconfortable.

The pain only increased and by 7pm I was sure they were contractions even though they were around 8 minutes apart. As I knew this was only the beginning, we decided to stay at home and relax as much as we could. When the pain was much worse around midnight we decided to go to the hospital to check my progress only to find out that I was 3cm dilated so we went back home.

When we got home we took a warm shower and laid down on our bed to try to catch some sleep but I was unable to do so as my contractions started getting closer and closer together to a point where at 5am they were 1-2 minutes apart. I was in so much pain that even though I wasn’t having a contraction my back hurt a lot. I didn’t have any breaks.

It was around that time that my water broke and I freaked out a bit – I literally felt the baby’s head going down a lot and my husband did everything to try and calm me down but the pain increased and I couldn’t focus on anything he said. He called the hospital at 5:30am and the midwife told us to come around 10am – mind you there was no way I would wait that long with the pain I was having so my husband and I left home straight away.

When I got there the midwife examined me and for her surprise (not ours) I was 9cm dilated. We really didn’t have time for anything, I was almost pushing the baby out when the nurse was trying to access my vein and put all the bracelets on me. They kept asking me things which I can’t remember now but according to my husband I completely ignored every single one of them.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30am and Sophia was born at 7:05am – if we waited at home as advised she would surely be born there as my body started pushing her right after we arrived.

What I took out of that day: It was amazing. I had the natural birth that I wanted to have and barely teared. I felt so proud of myself and my body for doing it in such a short period of time!

We had a change of midwives right when I was pushing the baby out and turns out that the midwife that took over was amazing – she made sure to let me know exactly what was happening and when I should expect to feel a bit more pain (the head has to come out, am I right?). I felt extremely confident that I could do it.

My husband surprised me. He is very loving and I was sure he would help me but he was extremely Amazing for me during labour. He held me close while we were in bed when I had my contractions, he calmed me down with kind words and listened to me whenever I needed him to. I feel a bit guilty as I wasn’t myself at the very end and ended up being a bit rude to him. He understood I was in a lot of pain and a bit out of myself but still, poor sweetheart!

We stayed at the hospital for 24 hours before we came home. The first few weeks of Sophia’s life were extremely challenging and we’re just now getting used to having a baby/ waking up in the middle of the night to feed, but this is a subject for another (maybe my next) post.

Sophia is a healthy little lady that is extremely loved by everybody around her.

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